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We are the leading oxygen plant organization in India

Uttam Air Products at a glance

Since its inception in 1900, UTTAM Group has evolved as a pioneer in manufacturing and distributing Medical and Industrial gases. While achieving many milestones since in its foundation, the group launched ‘Uttam Air Products’ for supplying On-site Medical Oxygen Generators to the Medical and Defense Industry in India.

Keeping in step with introducing world-class, state of the art medical technologies for Indian Hospitals, Uttam has joined hands with the leading medical oxygen generation plant in the world: NOVAIR, French Company, which manufacturers PSA plants under the name of OXYPLUS TECHNOLOGIES.  

In order to ensure supply of medical oxygen outside of hospital whether in the military, civil protection, disaster control, Uttam partnered with F. Stephan GmbH, a German Company which ensures reliable, mobile medical care through FS Oxygen Supply System.


Our maintenance contracts guarantee complete and fast support both preventive and curative of our installations


With over 20 years of experience and dialogue with our customers, we are able to answer all the problems you may encounter w.r.t. technical recommendation and specification development.


On-site training sessions for our user hospitals and its staff as and when required

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More than 100+ Oxygen Generators running all over India

About Uttam Air Products history

  • Start (1900)
  • 1972
  • 2000
  • 2009
  • 2021

Uttam group was founded in 1900 with headquarters in D.I. Khan, now in Pakistan. It has various trading/financing/export-import activities mainly with Afghanistan and Iran. The group then dealt primarily with tea, dried fruits, fresh spices, and textiles. 

  • Uttam begins manufacturing medical & industrial gases.
  • P.L. Bhatia founds the All India Industrial Gases Manufacturers Association (AIIGMA)
  • Exited Joint Venture with Air Liquide.
  • Uttam Air Products launches, supplying oxygen generators to the medical and defense industries.

Entered Joint Venture with Luxfer to manufacture aluminum cylinders for medical, safety, and defense sectors.

  • Uttam Group installs 22 PSA oxygen generation plants in Delhi hospitals
  • Uttam Group works with UNDP project or installation of 11 plants in three different states of northeastern India